Chain d'ancre necklace

  1. Hello and a belated Happy New Year to you all!

    It's my wife's birthday in a couple of weeks and I was thinking about getting her the silver Chain d'ancre necklace. I notice it comes in different sizes - I was thinking of either the PM or the GM size. Does anyone have any pictures of either of these? I don't know what size would be best for her :s My concerns are whether the links on the GM size are going to be very large but the PM links too small. She is a petite lady.

    Also, what colour leathers does the Kelly looping bracelet come in and does anyone have a photo of what it looks like on the wrist?

    Thanks for your help and suggestions as always :flowers:
  2. I think I have the GM - quite chunky links. I love this size (I'd even go bigger if I could!). I am 5'11, though, which may be a factor (I tend to like chunkier jewellery generally).
    attachment-2.jpg 3.jpg
  3. I have this chain too, but in the double length (is this the GM?). I love it, and wear it all the time - very versatile - it can double as a belt!
  4. I have the larger one, but not sure of the size, I think it is the GM size. I tried on the smaller linked one and it just wasn't me. I like chunkier sized stuff - like the large bangles as I am fairly sturdy and don't suit delicate things. It made such a difference, the size of link. When I tried on the smaller one, I didn't realise they come in different sizes and I couldn't understand why I didn't like it on me after trying it on in another store and really admiring it. I think there may be upto 4 sizes in this necklace. Have a look at your wife's jewelley - does she favour smaller delicate chains or does she have solid larger pieces in her collection. That might help you decide which size is best.



    necklacedec07.jpg necklacedec07_2.jpg raisin+necklace.jpg
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  5. I also have the larger link necklace, and think it looks better with the larger links, even though I generally prefer delicate chains, given the distinctive design of the Chaine D'Ancre, I prefer the larger links
  6. I've got the 'Farandole' necklace, which is 120cm long.
    It's so versatile; you can wrap it around your neck twice, leave it long, have two rounds the same lenght or one shorter/one longer round....In short; it's fun to play with!
    It has got smaller and bigger chains. Worth considering.

    The Kelly bracelet works best on normal/small wrists as it is not enormous in size.
    I don't know which leather mine is though. I have seen them in many different leathers and colors, one is rather spoiled for choice.

    Good luck, I'm sure she'll be so thrilled...
    DSC05878.jpg DSC04756.jpg DSC06218 20-08-10.jpg
  7. ^^ I have admired the Farandole as well! I definitely love the length and the mix of larger and smaller links, and the versatility. I think this adds of lot of interest.
  8. okay I am def getting one. geez its fantastic.
  9. Piaffe, you are just stunning!
    Allaboutnice, you are just gorgeous! What a smile!
  10. [​IMG]

    maitai, this is so gorgeous on you, I want one now.
  11. I love Hermes bracelets. I nearly ordered the chaine d'ancre Saturday with some other things my SA is sending, but decided against it for now.....and now, with these beautiful pictures of the two necklaces, it's all over for me! I can't wait to own the farandole and chaine d'ancre necklace and bracelets - they are both so lovely on you, AAN, piaffe, and MaiTai!

    I have the enamels and the Kelly double tour bracelets. I agree with MaiTai, they are for a smaller wrist. It's about 6 1/4 inches measured from the inside of the bracelet.

    Way to go - you're a sweet DH to think of this for her, Husband Orange - she'll be THRILLED.



    double tour 2.jpg double tour 8.jpg double tour 10.jpg
  12. Love your collection.
  13. Lovely smile.
  14. I have this too. You can also wear it like a lariat by hooking it a bit higher and leaving part hanging down.
  15. What a great collection! Love it!