Chain Confusion

  1. FOr all the bags I have, I have no clue about the Chains ... now I know the classic gold with the interwoven leather, then the luxe ligne which was the first to actual stich the chain into the leather is that correct? Then from my understanding the first 'modern chain' was the retangular interlocking chain which is on my bordeaux reissue. Now I also have a white caviar reissue and a black caviar east/west that has silver chainsthat look like interlocking circual pods. Is there a name for that? Now I realize I actually have a Modern Chain which is the /double braided wowen chain, is that correct? Now what else am I missing? Like this so callled valentine chain???
  2. LOL..Im clueless as to chains..ALL i know is that new Jumbo has the NEW CHAIN..HEHE.Which I prefer as its a more contetmporary look to it.( i beleive they call the new chain the BIJOUX???)Correct me if I wrong!
  3. That sounds like the "new" or bijoux chain!

    The modern chain does have leather interwoven, but the links are flattened, similar to the bijoux.
  4. Thanks all ... can anyone post a pic of the valentine chain?
  5. Bumping this up ... does anyone have a pic of a bag with the valentine chain??
  6. If you search the reference library you'll find it.

  7. Thanks so much ... I can't believe I totally missed them ... hearts are my favorite symbol!!