Chain Attraction Collection *PICS*

  1. I just got these in an email.

    New Jewelry from LV :smile: All of these prices are roughly the EXACT price. They may be a max of $30-$40 off the ACTUAL price.

    White Gold Ring $2,350.00
    White Gold Ring Diamonds $4,400.00
    Gold Ring $2,010.00
    Gold Ring Diamonds $4,360.00

    Earrings White Gold $4,020.00
    Earrings White Gold Diamonds $13,740.00
    Earrings Gold $3,700.00
    Earrings Gold Diamonds $13,400.00

    White Gold Bracelet $5,360.00
    White Gold Bracelet Diamonds $12,400.00
    Yellow Gold Bracelet $5,030.00
    Yellow Gold Diamonds- No picture as of yet BUT apparently is is being produced and will cost roughly $11,875.00

  2. Hot Damn! I Want The White Gold Ring With Diamonds!!!
  3. Wow .... those are all 2DIE4! :drool: :drool: :drool:
  4. Wowzers.... seriously though if I was going to spend that much on jewelry it probably wouldn't be LV.
  5. I like the gold ring with diamonds... I'll take 3! :lol:
  6. ooh they are gorgeous
  7. Interesting, they look like bike chains. I don't know if I'd want one, those look more like something my mom would like :yes:
  8. Pretty.. how links of London of them.
  9. Very nice...Thanks for sharing, Matt!
  10. i havesome earrings like that that i got from claires for 50 cents. they still do the trick :p lol
  11. i love that white gold ring with diamonds but looks too chunky!

    Thanks for posting the info Matt!
  12. wow! nice!
  13. I like bracelet...
  14. OMG....I hate you for posting those!! LOL
  15. Talk about some gorgeous bling* bling*...