Chadwicks and Brylane, Free $10 gift certificates!

  1. Chadwicks of boston and Brylane are having promotions where if you refer a friend, they will get a free $10 gift certificate that can be used on anything, and from what I understand with NO minimum purchase!


    AND, if you refer a friend and they use their GC, the site will send YOU a $10 GC to use!

    Make the deal even better by using code BCGETMORE on either site for an additional 30% off!!

    If you need someone to send you an email so you can get the $10 CG yourself first, pm me and I'll send you one!
  2. Free shipping code: CC10065
  3. Thanks for the post! :tup:
  4. Chadwicks has nice cami/tank tops but it is meant for a 30 something customer. If you like more trendy items try La Redoute which is under the same parent company. They are running the same promo too with the free $10 GC.

    They have great stuff for fall.