Chace Crawford Looking Really.. Gay?

  1. More pictures here

    lol, i'm not sure?

  2. I love hairless young men barely old enough to drink. I know I'm a dirty old woman.:lol: Have you seen the David Beckham pic for Armani undies? Chace ain't got nothing on him as far as gay looking!! :nogood:
  3. yeah...maybe a little too...feminine for me but he's got really nice arms though! And he's not that bad looking.
  4. I think he is lovely! Very hot.
  5. I agree with Sunshine! I find him very cute!:biggrin:

  6. well, at least you and I won't be fighting over guys. :p
  7. he looks gay here, in the others not so much.

  8. hmmmmm...i think it is debatable!!
  9. Yummy! I like pretty boys!
  10. As Perez Hilton says, "He has a bit of the gayface".:yes:
  11. Very Brokeback Mountain!:sweatdrop:
  12. That photo definitely gets gay points. It looks inspired by Abercrombie.
  13. sorry ..who is he? What show is he on?
  14. I'm digging this pic:

    Save a horse, ride a cowboy! :upsidedown:

    But I have a question...who is this guy? :confused1:
  15. Get this woman her own reality show! :tup:
    or move to Orange county & join those ladies.