CHA CHA'S pce loot. Requesting feedback pretty please!

  1. here are my purchases! i bought the shoes in black & the hampton optic is for my sister-in-law.



  2. Very nice, cha cha! I especially love the shoes!!
  3. whoa, she must be one heck of a sister in law!
  4. Love your turquoise ergo! Coach told me I could not use the PCE discount on the ergo bags! Still trying to decide if I need to go back and get something else just so I can use the discount! (I ordered the new vintage leather large ergo tote, full price.)
  5. Love the pieces you bought. The Ergo is my favorite :0)
  6. beautiful love the egro and the ergo wristlet! so cute together!!!!!
  7. Cha-Cha:

    Those are beautiful choices you made for the PCE.
    I love your Ergo pieces the most. Enjoy carrying that
    hobo!!! Congrats!!!!

  8. Great choices, cha cha! Love the ergo hobo!
  9. Love the Ergo and the matching wristlet! Great picks!
  10. Nice Ergo! ;)

    I ordered those shoes too! Only for myself, and in the khaki/white... Now I feel kinda bad that I only got stuff for myself... :p
  11. Love the shoes :smile:
  12. great items! like the ergo wristlet
  13. I love the turquoise hobo, you did good!
  14. Cha-Cha, nice picks! I really like the ergo & the wristlet. Your sister-in-law is one lucky girl!
  15. thank you guys!
    i hope my sil will like the purse,she is a mother of 3 & i think a shoulder bag will be better for her than a satchel.