Cha Cha my pekingese is on a food strike!

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  1. I hate when he gets like this - he gets so upset when both me and my bf aren't home and he refuses to eat until we are both here. today he is sooo hungry that his little belly is making loud noises but only 1 of us is here :sad:

    I wish he wasn't so stubborn! :tdown:
  2. Aww poor Cha Cha! Cute that his stomach rumbles though. Hopefully he will realize how hungry he is and just eat. Our vet says dogs will usually give up and eat when they are super hungry, cats on the other hand are opposite, weird huh?
  3. My cocker spaniel does that every now and then. Occasionally, he wont eat for two days and its just because he doesnt feel like it--not that he's upset. When he gets like this I trick him into eating by mixing his food with some brown or white rice. He loves that and can never resist. Maybe you should try that to try to entice him into eating? Poor thing. It amazes me how in tune animals are to our feelings sometimes.
  4. My dog is the same way. He will only eat when I am at home with him. My vet calls him a "love eater." In that case, he is a love pee-er and a love pooper too! :P
  5. My boys do that when they are overly stressed, they eventually get over it and eat.
  6. Don't let your dog control you. If you know he doesn't have any medical problems, I would sit it out. He won't starve himself to death.

    I wouldn't want my dog to know that he can control my actions.
  7. hahaha!
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