Ch3rryB3rry's LV Collection

  1. Hi everyone :heart:

    I have a been a member of this fabulous forum since Nov 2006. Before I only visit the official LV website and read magazines to get the latest news.

    One day, my BF said " why don't you search on the internet, see is there any forum about Louis Vuitton. I'm sure there are some, since LV is so popular... " So I did search and found tPF.

    I was totally addicted on the first day I joined tPF. I read the <CELEBRITIES and their LV'S> til 5am. I'm sorry to say tPF makes my LV addiction gets worse and worst, not only makes me come here everyday, spend most of my free times on reading threads. I bought 9 items in last Dec. This move made my BF :wtf: . Now he wish he had never say anything about LV forum......

    Okey, now, Let me share my LV collection with you. I'm not only showing photos, I want to share the stories behind my LVs too. And this also will be a record for myself about when and where i bought the items. This might takes a few days to finish. So please, be patient! Only reply this thread after I post <FINISH>. ​
  2. The Family Photo :


    The Conte de fees Family :


    The Cerises Family :


  3. The Speedy Family :


    The Pochette Family :


    The Monogram Family :

  4. The Accessories Family :


    The Key Chain :

  5. To Be Continue... please don't reply yet!
  6. cute collection... lovely accessories..
  7. i cant see the pics
  8. Nice!!! Thanks for sharing!
  9. fabulous collection! i love all of them
    thanx for sharing :love:
  10. cant see anything?
  11. very nice collection! conte de fees are so cute!
  12. oh why is that? anyone else have problems?:confused1:

  13. now i can see the enitre family, the pochette faimly, the ceriese family, and the speedy family, but nothing else!
  14. join the conte de fees club!
  15. have you tried "F5"?

    i have no problem seeing the photos at home and at Mac and PC...:confused1: