C'est moi...modeling my East/West

  1. First and second pic I shortened the chain, third pic is full chain.:cutesy:

  2. the bag is so gorgeous!!!!
  3. gorgeous, does it fit much?
    and if you dont mind me asking, how much did you paid for it?
  4. looks great on you
  5. Beautiful. That's a very classy looking bag.

  6. Thanks!
    I have to buy a new wallet, because my current wallet does take up most of the space right now. Other than that, it fits my cell phone, lipbalm, chewing gum and compact mirror. Maybe some more small items. Inside there are 2 small pockets, as you can see right here:


    Current retail price lambskin is €1240, caviar €1080.
  7. It looks great on you! Congrats!
  8. You ROCK that bag!!!! Just gorgeous!!! Congrats!!
  9. thanks for the info! I own a large louis vuitton wallet so i guess that wouldnt fit..too bad the bag is gorgeous!!!
  10. wow it looks great on you GORGEOUS !! i have the exact same bag congrats :smile:
  11. The bag and you look fabulous together!! ENJOY
  12. That's a beautiful bag & it looks Stunning on you!
  13. very pretty and you look :love: with this bag !
    hmmm...i am sure the lambskin or caviar leather wallet will go very well with this bag :yes:
  14. GORGEOUS!!! :love:

    The lambskin looks TDF!!!
  15. its beautiful!!! congrats!