Cesare Paciotti

  1. I'm a fan and wondered if any of you like him as well (well I know Lyn does:yes: ).
    I have my eyes on these:
  2. I also like these:
    cesare bow.jpg

    cesare paciotti blk.jpg

    cesare sandal wood.jpg
  3. His designs are a little flashy for me but lately I've DESPISED him for adopting the red sole of Christian Louboutin. I mean, seriously... copy-cat much?
  4. Yeah he can be overboard but hey appropriate for the club or hot date. I mean I dont wear the same shoes to the office that I wear to the club. And I didnt notice the whole red sole thing cause I dont own any CL's.
  5. I havea pair of his boots that I lusted after for sooo long! & they are my favourits! I've had them for about 3 years, maybe longer actually & I always drag the mout every winter! they've had so much wear but still look utterly amazing!
  6. LOL...oh my, what have I done?! :sweatdrop: I'm so happy to finally see other shoe enthusiasts here too...for far too long I fell like I've kept my shoe addiction hidden (people in my science classes just wouldn't "get it"). :yahoo:

    It was the sword detail under the sole that drew me to his shoes...very "Rock and Roll" sex vixen. Paciotti's shoes definately need a proper time and place for wearing though, if I show up class with them, I may lose all my academic credibility (that, and most people in my classes are pro-PETA and activists...so no wearing of fur, leather, suede, or anything that screams "designer")
  7. So true Lyn. I really want those pink ones bcuzz I'm trying to go to Cali this summer and my cousin already said that we're gonna go out EVERY night and I totally believe him (he's a real estate agent- they party hard believe it or not). He hits up lotsa parties trying to drum up business and I think these shoes would fit right in. They're on clearance @ dellamoda.
  8. :drool: may I see them, Paps?
  9. I have about 4 or 5 pairs of Paciottis. He's fantastic, but I was initially drawn to him when he was doing the square toe-box -- HOTT! I have my favorite pairs posted of his in another thread on this board.

    Also, the red sole is a different color red from Louboutin. It's a deeper red, plus there's that sword detail that is just fantastic! It's alllll about the details!
  10. In what thread?
  11. cute shoes love it
  12. These are:heart::heart::heart:
    The Paciotti sneakers are lovely
  13. Hi...I have a pair of stilettos very similar to the first pic...here they are
  14. WOW! Beautiful shoes! Where did you purchase them from? :drool:
  15. Thanks:smile: ...I bought them at Neimans Last Call last summer. I love them...they look great with skinny jeans because you can see the detail on the back!