Cervo Sandwich

  1. YUMM-O!!! That's my kind of sandwich...and calorie free to boot!! :biggrin:
  2. Great picture!
  3. Thank you, Dear Sister! :heart:

    Yes indeed!

    Thank you!
  4. This my favorite bag of all time. I sometimes wonder if I should sell my other bags and just buy more Cervo in other colors. I would Love either one of the top 2. Wonderful pictures, you are the reason I decided to try one on the first place
  5. Aw, that's sweet - I'm glad I've been able to describe how great these bags are! :heart:

    Oh... You do know the Billiard has a royal purple suede lining... Just so yummy...
  6. NO...don't tell me that...lol
  7. This is from the color reference thread...

  8. What year is this? (I could look I'm being lazy) dang it....so pretty. I love it.:love:
  9. ^^ 2010 I looked it up...that means now I have to go on a search
  10. What do you think if a 5' tall person carry it? Does it looks too big? I love to have one... I am thinking to get another BV for my birthday... debating whether to get a medium veneta or cervo but haven't decide which color yet. I already have the large Veneta (really look very big on me).

  11. :thinking:hmmm... I could see the large Veneta looking VERY big on you ... but the thing with the Cervo hobo is the way it drapes and hangs so nicely against your body. It just melds with you, and becomes part of you. It is so hard to explain, you need to try one on. Is the a boutique near you? It would be a worthwhile trip, and be prepared to purchase. :biggrin:

  12. Indiaink, you don't have any peeling issue on any of your cervo? I read in other thread, there are some peeling problems.
  13. No, none at all. I've had a total of five - and nope, no issues. I am of the opinion that there is NOT a peeling problem for the Cervo items generally; anything can happen in a limited number of items, certainly. But I don't think "...there are some peeling problems."

  14. Just saw this thread - beautiful collection!! I love that first photo. The strap is just so comfortable and substantial feeling with the cervo. They look beautifuly smooshy together! Thanks for sharing!
  15. Gorgeous set. Thanks for sharing!