Cervo Luxe Tote w/chain handle

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  1. I know people that love this bag. I don't know what it is about that style, but not fond of those side "water bottle pockets", but some gals love it, so don't listen to me.
  2. I'm sorry I have to disagree with Longchamp....I looove that bag. and I love the side pockets. Enjoy and post pics.
  3. Very cute, love it!
  4. I saw someone carrying it. It looked quite nice :tup:.
  5. I have this one in Ebano (brown). I looooove it, especially the pockets.
    Saves you literally hours when you don't have to dig out your keys from the bottom of the bag, KWIM? The leather is TDF too! Keeper!
  6. Mine is in Fumo (dark grey). Looks like it is a metallic degrade. I tried it on this morning. It looks really good. I am so torn because I have spent too much money on these sales.
  7. I love the designe. The pockets are an amazing idea. I say keep it!
  8. I'm not wild about the side pockets either, but I love the color.
  9. This is a nice bag. The leather is so buttery soft. I really like it.
  10. I have this bag in Nudo - absolutely love it and get tons of compliments on it. Keep it!
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    I have the brown one and the Lampone. I adore these bags. Perfect size, the pockets are wonderful and the chain handle rocks. It's so comfy. The only warning is that the Glazing on this bag seems to wear pretty quickly around the edges and corners. So I baby mine a bit and use another plain leather tote for banging around in. You can see where my brown one is more worn from my arm rubbing the side of the bag. The leather feels a little rough in these areas as if the glaze is flaking up. My Lampone is still smooth. I've seen alot on ebay that the edges of the pockets are worn and whitish from constant contact. Go for a plain leather Tote if you want to bypass these issues. But for me, the bags are so lovely and so cool, I will deal with them.

    Brown Cervo Lux Prada.JPG Lampone Prada2.JPG Lampone Prada 3.JPG PradaCervoLux.JPG
  12. Oooh these are pretty!
  13. Lexie2000 - I love the bag in your avatar!! I was looking for one all over the place, but the only one I found was with gold hardware - yours is gorgeous!!
  14. Mine is black and I like it - especially for going out :heart: