Cervo Lux - how durable?

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  1. Hey ladies... so I went into our newly redesigned prada boutique after many many months... I basically banned myself, b/c I do love prada and its understated beauties.

    Sooooo, of course, I fell in love with two bags: 1) the double zip, triple compartment bronze saffiano bag AND 2) the cervo lux expandable tote in the nude/blush pink color. i ended up going with the latter, the cervo lux, b/c it is such an adorable color and a good size to carry stuff for my kids as well as my things.

    But the only thing I worry about is how cervo lux will wear in the long run. I'm not one to chuck my bags around, but I'm not too overprotective either. is the cervo lux a new treatment? like i said, i haven't been in the boutique for a while so i don't know how long it's been out. you have better expertise and experience than some of these SAs.
  2. Pics, please. :yes:
  3. I have had a cervo lux in black since it first came out about a year ago, it is an everyday bag for me, holding everything from my laptop to whatever I need. It has held up well! I love this bag - classic, wonderful, comfortable and just plain gorgeous!!! Let's see pics!
  4. I love, love, love Prada's Cervo. It is softer than calfskin, more luxurious than lambskin and extremely durable.

    My Cervo gets caught in the rain - no problem! It dries without staining.

    It is soft, soft, soft.

    My favorite all-time bag, for sure.
  5. I have the Cervo Lux Chain Tote in Astro/Talc and it's really durable IMO :tup::tup: The other day my sister accidentally spilled water on it (ahh!) and after I wiped it off, the bag still looked brand new. I love the nude/blush color...good choice!
  6. i have the brown cervo tux tote and while it is amazing and i love it i can see signs of wear around the top ... its a VERY soft leather and i think thats why (as opposed to the shiny stuff). its such a great bag though - ive worn it every day since ive got it.
  7. Is the Cervo Lux different from the Cervo Antik? I'm new to Prada and I thought Cervo was the deerskin line? At the Saks NY location, I only saw a few styles available - is the brown/cacao color still available? Should I call around?
  8. ^ Cervo Lux is also deerskin just that it has a different treatment to make it kinda glossy, glittery like. Like the fairy bag and the recent bags with chain straps are all Cervo Lux.
  9. I have the Cervo Luxe as well in Nero and love, love, love it!! I use it as an everyday bag and love that it's glimmery. I am not careful with it at all and it's holding up perfectly. Have no worries about this bag!!!!!!!!
  10. Oh, I see. That sounds lovely! I've only seen the Cervo that's not lux, just matte. But I have a matte one on hold at Saks until they ship next week!
  11. Heres a stock pic of the cervo luxe I have.
  12. Thanks for the photo. That's one of the must-have's, isn't it? :smile: I did not see it at the Saks in NY but it was probably sold out! I'm happy with the one I've put aside.
  13. Totally a must have. In fact, I am SERIOUSLY consdiering buying another in the Nudo for summer. I'm ga-ga in love with it still....:upsidedown: If only they had had one at NM, Saks or Nordie's I would already have her....
  14. i am seriously still in love with my cervo lux - normally i move on in a few weeks (when a new toy arrives!) but i am still lusting over the soft soft deerskin, shimmery and light!
  15. Thats a nice bag! But, what do u think of the chain strap?
    Will it make u feel uncomfy with u shoulder carry it?
    Pls advise.