Cervo Antik Tote - LOVE it! But which color?

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  1. Okay, I am LOVING this bag! Zooming in on the bag and looking at the gorgeous pebbly leather totally makes me :drool: I just can't decide which color! At first I was interested in the brown because it reminds me of cacao, but then I saw the gray and its contrast with the gold hardware was so striking and unique! Both look sooooo yummy - which one should I get??

    Also...do you guys think this will make it to sale? I hope not, so I can justify getting it now!! :sweatdrop:

  2. I love the grey, think it's so pretty, and a little different. But, really, it depends which you think you'll use more. I was desperate for a new brown bag for a while, but then I realized I'm really not wearing much brown these days anyway. If you wear more black, like I do, then I think the grey is more practical also.

    Would love to see the opinions regarding whether it will go on sale. I'm in a similar position -- lusting after the Cervo Antic Drawstring in Antic Grey. I have it in naturale and love it. It is my absolute go-to bag. I switch to something else for a day or two and then switch right back. I saw the grey at NM and think it's so pretty, but I hate to buy a full-price bag right now with the economy and the chance that it will be dramatically marked down later...
  3. i like the brown. the gold hardware doesn't stand out as much. i'm not a huge fan of gold! the grey would look better w/silver!
  4. kimberf - i feel like that is my fear as well - particularly with prada - when they mark down bags, it's not just a small markdown, it's always a huge dramatic discount which really pains you if you paid full price. the leather looks amazing though and i'm expecting this second round of the brownish antic cervos to be more popular than they were before, so i dunno..

    wonderwoman - yes, silver would look pretty as well!
  5. rainy -

    My vote is for the brown and when the bags go on sale....silver!

    I honestly think that these bags will get marked down with the slump in retail and all that. These styles are carried in the major stores as well as boutiques so you do have a good chance of scoring one.
  6. I have the black and have yet to use it but it is such a lovely bag! It is just too small for me so I think I am going to sell it :sad:.
  7. I like the brown one
  8. Another vote for the brown... although I love the grey version, too!
  9. brown - classic and this one has such a nice warm shade
  10. Love the brown, but I too would wait for a markdown.
  11. I think it will make it as sale bag also.
  12. I'm in the minority but I prefer the gray. Brown is nice and traditional, but the gray is different and very classy.
  13. I'm more with the Grey then a Brown.
  14. I love the gray one and actually thinking of getting it myself :P
  15. hmmmmm i guess the wise thing to do would be to wait until sale season...i'd really kick myself if i got it now at $1900 and it went on sale for like half the price :P