Cervo Antik Satchel

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  1. Hi,

    I know I'm years late to this frenzy but I'm curious whether anybody thinks it's still possible to find a used cervo antik satchel if I'm patient? I was recently thinking of slouchy pradas I've seen in passing and liked, and realized a girl I knew in college definitely had one back when it came out and that I was in total awe of it when I saw it. My searches brought up an old (sold) listing from yoogiscloset so I'm trying to hold out hope, but also worry about how many fakes there probably are.

    It does look like ebay has one of the bowlers from a reputable seller (and tpfer?) which I would almost consider but I think I'd really prefer the satchel style. (It looks like it was also recolored and the previous owner had a strap made by a third party, so I'm mixed on that, and it's still a lot of money to be unsure!)

    I don't know, any thoughts? :smile:
  2. Do a saved search on Ebay. They do pop up every now and again.
    Love mine---------every time I carry it I receive compliments on it.
  3. Awesome, will do, thanks! I've just been trying to check every couple days.
  4. It probably seems silly that one ended up showing up after a month or so of searching. But HOORAY :biggrin: (although it seems good, I'm still double checking it in the authenticate thread too). It's so beautiful in person. First and probably only (at least for a long while) Prada.

  5. I know it's absolutely ridiculous to keep posting in my own thread, I feel like I'm talking to myself, but that the picture isn't working is driving me a little mad.

  6. Nice and smooshy, isn't it? :tup:
  7. It really is!! I didn't expect it to be thaaat soft it's amazing. I might destroy it, but it's amazing.
  8. I miss mine....where did you find thus beauty? I had the bigger one....loved her.
  9. ebay! lucky enough to find it from a reputable seller, who turned out to coincidentally shop at my store. :biggrin:

  10. I too have the bigger one - use it for weekends away because I can fit absolutely EVERYTHING into it. So soft and smooshy (love that word!!).
  11. I know it's the perfect (and cutest) way to describe it!
  12. Awesome....when you see one available....ping me!! Maybe I will rebuy the one I sold without knowing!!!lollol!!
  13. haha, okay I'll keep an eye out!