Cerulean Earphones for Toki Iskin

  1. Anyone know if Apple stores carry the pink ones or any actual stores that do??? TIA!
  2. hey, im located in Canada and I went to Apple to check if they had the iskin and earphones...

    but they don't.

    i don't think they will carry it in the store.

    they only carry items which are common among everybody in the store. and the rest are sold online.

    i just ordered my tokidoki iskin and the matching earphones and the lanyard =D!!!!
  3. They don't carry iSkin products because I don't think iSkin is actually related to Apple - they just make cases for iPods and Macs.

    But even if that's untrue, I know the Apple stores only carry their white 'iPod earphones' - and then some other really, really expensive kinds that aren't by iSkin. =/ Kind of sucks, since I wanna see those iSkin headphones in real life~
  4. I've seen some iSkin products in the Apple store, but not anything like a tokidoki case or colorful earphones. :sad:
  5. Yeah that sucks..I would love to see the iskin earphones IRL
  6. uhh....they basically look like regular earphones. Though, on mine one side is shorter than the other..the cord.

  7. Yeah well I meant I would like to see them in a store before buying..lol!
  8. Yeah, I know what you meant...and I'm still saying they look exactly like regular earphones..nothing special about them..and the color is exactly what's shown on the iskin site...
  9. I guess I am just one of those people who likes to see things before buying. I am sure they are super cute;)