Certificate of Origin

  1. Just wondering if Certificate of Origin for Ostrich Birkin looks the same no matter which boutique you get it at. I've only seen the certificate of origin for ostrich Kellys and all they have on there is the origin of the ostrich and the importer's name (Hermes).

    Is there ever a case where the Certificate of Origin for an ostrich Birkin will have the customer's name on it? TIA:flowers:
  2. My royal blue ostrich Bolide actually did not have a certificate of origin, and I bought it from the Hermès boutique itself.

    Since you have a certificate for your Kelly maybe they only do it for Kellys and Birkins and I would assume it is the same data on the certificate ... but I'm not an expert, just an assumption.
  3. Hi Kou, the answer is no. All the Certificate of Origin looks the same -- no matter if it is a croc, ostrich, or lizard birkin/kelly/plume/etc. The customer's name is not on it either because the invoice is made for the customs department. The purpose of the Certificate of Origin is to authenticate the country of origin of the merchandise being shipped. It also verifies the country in which the goods were manufactured for import purposes.
  4. La Van, this may be because the your SA knows that you are local to the store. When I bought exotic leather in the past, I was allways asked if I would be travelling with it. If you plan to ever go to the U.S. with any exotic leather, make sure you bring a "CITES" with you,...actually maybe ask your store if they still have the one that goes with your bag. (just in case)
  5. Kou, I think twigz is right, this has been my experience aswell.

  6. Mine doesn't, but that is a great question. And I saw one from 2004 for another customer and hers didn't have the name on there either.
  7. second this
    and la van try to get it it makes things easier when you travel just in case you know :flowers:
  8. Thanks Avan and lilach! I'll call and ask then. I already went to the Uk with my ostrich Bolide and so far no problem ... but just in case then.
  9. as there are no borders in the eu there are most likely no problems whatsoever but when you travel outside it can happen that they control you. it happened to me when i went to sydney once and without the certificate the would have confiscated my bag until it is proven that it was farmed animals of an non endangered species.
  10. Yes, I agree with Lilach. Countries within the EU are probably excluded from this, just as you cannot get VAT back from EU if you live in the UK and vice versa. Or so that's my experience and what it says on the VAT forms.
  11. Hi Kou

    To follow up other peoples answers - the CITES certificate as it is known is not provided to customers who purchase *exotic* leather items in the EU and who live in the EU as we don't require it. If however, you purchase your bag in the EU and live outside, Hermes will automatically (or should) provide you with your CITES certificate.

    The CITES certificate shows your customs officials that the leather is not made from an endangered species and is from a Country that they recognise and approve.

    If you do not have a CITES certificate (perhaps you have purchased a pre-owned bag that does not have one), so long as you can provide the required information including; country of origin and scientific name of the skin, the Customs officials will apply to the Food and Fisheries department for approval (this can take up to 48 hours) - by the way, all Hermes ostrich bags have the same info.

    Here is a link to all the information regarding CITES http://www.cites.org/

  12. Yes - our customs here are so ridiculously strict - I have trouble with them twice a year when i import my straws from the UK......ugh!
  13. Thanks Flossy:flowers: . But here's where I'm confused ... is CITES the same as COO? My SA told me that COO is for ostrich whereas CITES is for croc only.
  14. Well my SA said my document is a CITIES and I have an ostrich bag so CITIES isn't just for croc.
  15. Kou, you definitale get a "CITES", that is what I got in march when I bought miny ostrich in Paris. It is the U.S. customs that is VERY strickt, so regardles where you get a bag... at hermes or ebay, make sure you get the "CITES" specifically. and any one claiming to have an exotic skin from europe...if they are honest will have a "CITES" to give you with the bag:flowers: without that document, one can not import exotics to the U.S....you should even carry it with you when you travel abroad after you own the bag.