Certificate of Authenticity??

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  1. Hey Everyone,

    I know someone here will know the answer to this. I have a friend that received a LV purse as a gift and they want to go back to the LV store where it was purchased to pick up their certificate of authenticity card. I am still a newbie to LV but have a few pieces myself. I have never heard of such a thing. Does anyone know what she is talking about?? Is there such a thing?

    Thanks for your help ;) Jen
  2. I never have any certificate, as far as i know, everytime i bought LV i just get the receipt.
    Chanel has the card that has the serial number exactly the same like the code that can be found in the bag.
  3. LV has never given that out
  4. There are no ''certificates of authenticity'' with LV, sorry for your friend who wanted one!
  5. NOR do they give any authentication material, they might just tell you if its real or not, n thats it.
  6. Thanks so much everyone. I tried to tell he that I have never heard of such a thing but she would not listen. I guess she will just have to go in there and learn for herself.
  7. Yeah, I agree with everyone else. LV doesn't give out anything written. Sometimes you can get them to authenticate verbally, but that's it.
  8. If she has the bill of sale, tell her to confirm with that store that in fact the bag was purchased there.

    If she doesnt, i'm sure she could go in and let them know it was a gift and she'd like to return it( if that is the case)

    aside from that there is no such thing, never has. if she doesnt want to listen to you, tell her to take the trip to lv on her own and ask.
  9. well at least you tried to save her a moment of embarrassment.
  10. no. they dun provide any cert of auth for u.
  11. Yes, you are right
  12. if u wan. maybe u could spend an amount of money to get my poupette to write a cert of auth for u.
  13. The only thing LV will give in writing is a replacement value letter which I have acquired before because Allstate required it from me. A manager will privide a verabl authentication for you, especially if it is the manager of the boutique where the bag was purchased as a gift. LV keeps customer records systemwide in their computer and if she provides the persons name who gave it to has as a gift, they can verify this within minutes.
  14. They may be able to verify your purchase on their computer system if the item was bought from a store, but there is no authenticity card/certificate.