Certain things you don't want movers to pack?!

  1. My DH & I have been discussing this for several weeks.. When we have the movers come in, I told my husband that I will have already packed a personal box that I'm going to UPS down to the new house. He thinks I'm nuts & "if we're paying them to come in & do this, we might as well let them"... I just have a hard time letting some guy named Harvey bubble wrap my tampons & pack them away..same goes for bras, underwear, etc... Anyone else do this? Please tell me I'm not weird:shame:
  2. Yes, I prefer to pack personal items and items that are high in value. Actually, I pack all the smaller items and leave the bigger items to the movers.

    My DH worked for a Moving Company in his younger days...you just don't want to know what goes on behind the scenes.
  3. LOL, I can only imagine! ... I'm afraid of where my unmentionables may end up:yucky: And yes, I'm definitely taking my jewelry on the plane with me~ Purses will be in the UPS box too (fully insured of course!)

  4. You are not weird. You are sensible. For undies and "girl supplies", I just pack those boxes myself.

    There is no way I would allow someone else to pack and move my jewelry, original artwork, furs, and purses. I also make a full computer backup onto one or two 2GB pendrives. Those go in the car with me also.

    I take the artwork out of the frames, roll very carefully, and cover with thick plastic before putting in the car. If staying at a hotel en route, all items are moved into the room with me. I don't leave the room. I order in. If room service is not available, then it is Chinese or Pizza delivery.
  5. I understand. When we moved, I hired someone to come and help me to pack all of my clothes and accessories, including all personal items.

    I refused to allow movers to do this for me.:s
  6. I gathered all my personal "important" stuff before they showed up. I wasn't supposed to touch anything after the packers arrived. Strange.
  7. My hubby also worked for a moving company and he told me about how the guys he worked with would take what they wanted and then pack the rest of the stuff. I would pack all my personal and high value items myself and keep them in my watch at all times. I would just rather be safe than sorry.:yes:
  8. i packed all of my stuff myself when i moved. you should pack as much as you can yourself.
  9. i totally understand! I'm a little paranoid when it comes to my stuff, and i've never moved more than 15 minutes from where i used to be...so i pack and move my own stuff too!

  10. Last time we moved, it was 10 minutes from our old house to our new house.. It was quite easy. We leisurely drove boxes over for 3-4 days & hired a company for just the couches, exercise equipement, etc...

    This time we are moving from Indiana to Florida! So once the movers (who will be alone with our stuff for a 2 day drive down..:s ) are finished packing everything, I'm stopping at UPS to mail the "personal items" box to myself in Florida, then hopping on a plane (with all my jewelry in my carry on bag) so we can get to the house to meet the movers there. Oh, then there are the car transport people~ we have 4 cars to get down there.. This is defiinitely a more stressful move! (But man will it be worth it!!:p )
  11. i packed my personal stuffs myself like my clothing and my bags and shoes...
    i hate to pack kitchen wares and book though :p
  12. I wouldn't want anyone near my "girl stuff" :biggrin: So I'd definitely pack and move them myself.
  13. You should really never let movers handle, pack or see any valuable antique porcelains, clocks, silver or artwork. They usually don't know the difference, and if you bring it to their attention, it will likely get stolen along the way. If it is rare or priceless move it yourself. It is safer in your car. Same with jewelry and furs. Or anything someone would sell on the black market. If it is going overseas..sorry. I like to pack with unprinted newsprint, then bubblewrap, dishpacks and double box with a buffer layer between boxes, especially if you are going to use UPS.

    Making a claim against a moving co is difficult and they drag it out. I f they break things in the truck during the move, there is usually a clause that a "professional repair can be made" not replacement. The laws and contract is on their side.

    Moving is always difficult and a bad business. Bad things happen when things are stored between moves or transferred to other trucks. Sometimes movers piggyback your things with someone elses.
  14. When I moved the movers sent in "special teams".. I.e. they packed the expensive stuff as well as the antiques seperately. A dude showed up to build a crate for my glass topped table even. Just ask for that and you will be ok. I suspect it wouldn't cost more than 1K over your normal price? Employers normally pay for this so don't worry about it!!!!!!!
  15. I totally understand you. Also, I know it's still technically winter, but if the movers get all hot and sweaty, that gets over all your stuff too. My mover left sweaty imprints all over my cream colored couch! It was disgusting and I had to air it out for a few days before I would even touch it....yuck....