certain characters limited to certains cuts of the bag?

  1. I'm getting so frustrated finding a bag with the right placement... Are certain scenes/characters limited to certain cuts or is it really all random?

    I want an Inferno Gioco with good placement, dammit! :sad:
  2. I think it's all random :wondering:
  3. so, you don't like this one? i do. but i think it's hard to find "bad" placement on inferno, because i love the whole print. :biggrin:
  4. Yeah, it is random...
  5. It's random, so yeah, it can be frustrating find the perfect print. For the Inferno, I just love the tree scene and the black cat and Adios brushing his teeth. It took me a very long time to find my perfect bag, but is just PERFECT, so it's all worth it when you finally find it.:smile:
  6. I think it's purely random but we have heard about identical twins before too .. meaning people having the exact same bag with the exact same print placement!

    I got the PERFECT placement for my Inferno Ciao Ciao .. full tree scene on both sides. I think it's a miracle .. :smile:
  7. but umm...the print repeats so much on giocos..so everyone will be there anyway eh? or maybe you just want a certain thing right in the front..?
  8. hmm.. all placements are random, but it depends on what characters you like.... on my bella I have...

    the pink girl listening to her ipod. the pink lady baking w/her oven, adios brushing his teeth, a lil devil playing on the guitar, 2 lil devils cooking... hehe idk i love my placement... it's all on the back because the front has all the zippers! lolz
  9. tachikomatic- I do! I was actually looking at that one and it's very cute except I'm in love with the guys cooking in the devil oven and there don't seem to be any...Also...no mummies? It's hard to tell from the photos, the seller is helping me out with it though...

  10. I have an Inferno Luna... it is a HUGE print. My Luna actually gets it in... but only because the 2 sides are placed differently. Otherwise... the Inferno pattern is taller than a Luna panel.

    My Citta gioco is missing tons of stuff... because it's a bunch of smaller panels. (but I love what it does have.)

    And in response to the OP... I wonder if there is some attempt at similarity between the bags. I've seen quite a few Spiaggia Stellinas that have the same back panel ... and I just got a Spiaggia Bambino that has (within about a centimeter) the same front panel as the one Bubblesung is wearing in the Great Bag Reference Post and as pictured on the LeSportsac website.
  11. ^ Here is the comparison.
    bubblesungs bambino.jpg LeSportsac site.jpg My Spiaggia.JPG
  12. Thats why I got a campe, so I could have it all.
  13. It does seem sometimes that some things are harder to get than others. Like when they cut out the pieces they tend to lay the pattern out a similar way each time maybe? When I got my Trenino Inferno Lindsey said that almost all of them were the same portion on the front (that had a scene I didn't like) so I really appreciated that she found one that I liked.
  14. It's random, but it's only as random as the way the fabric were folded & cut. My dad is a pattern maker, so I've seen how they make pattern and cut fabric (for cloth, bags, etc). After the pattern is made, the fabric is rolled out and folded to make multiple layers of fabric (like more than 12" thick of layered fabric). Then the pattern is lay on top of the fabric, and the fabric is cut with a saw-looking thing. So if the fabric is folded in a way where the print is aligned on some of the layer, then you end up with bag with same print placement. I doubt that two bags will be 100% identical.
  15. ^ that's pretty much what I was trying to say. Thanks for the great explanation qtiekiki!