Certain bags.... with certain charms

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  1. It seems I'm getting a great collection of charms. So i'm wondering do you have certain charms that you leave on certain bags or do you always change them ?

    So far this was the only bag/charm I had plans for.

    For me I bought the blue flower to go on my azur speedy bag, I think it goes well with the bag :smile: I'm sure i'm going to leave that one there.
  2. not really, I just use whatever (if any) charm on whatever bag. :p BTW that charm looks great on your bag! :tup:
  3. I like to mix and match, but the only thing that sometimes bugs me is the hardware issue. I guess it also might depend on the color of the bag and charm. I feel weird putting a charm with brass hardware on a bag with silver. Sometimes it works for me and sometimes it doesn't! lol! Does anyone else feel the same way???

    P.S. Love the denim flower on the speedy! :tup:
  4. The flower charm looks fab on that bag! good taste!
  5. thats cool,

    thank you.
  6. I agree, I like the charms better with the hook.
    I'm kind of worried about the little chain :sad:
  7. thank you.
  8. I think i'll be leaving this charm on this bag.
    it add just a little punch to this :smile:
  9. I do use certain charms on certain bags if I think they go well with the bag. I love your flower charms on your LV's! Each of them are perfect for the bags!
  10. I move mine around... I have no certain ones for certain bags but I do like my gold fish on my heritage tote.

    I put my strawberry on my speedy.. and I like it there..

    My heart luggage tag goes either on my Carly or my denim tote.

    My red patent butterfly or my skull goes on my Black Patent ergo.

    My Watermelon is on my Turquoise ergo.. but I also put my turtle on there sometimes.

    I put my either of my T's on whatever bag I have on if it matches.

    all of these are subject to change :p

    I want this one..


    and this one...

  11. thank you :smile:
  12. I like those combinations... :smile: thanks for sharing.
  13. I love my skull charm on my black/gunmetal sig stripe demi! I also got the patchwork flower with the brass hardware for my pebbled leather ergo tote. I think the colors of the petals coordinate with the legacy stripe colors.
  14. ^^ totally agree the skull does look great on black bags.
  15. All my Ali Bag's have their own charm; all nickel/pave crystals, either heart, hang tag or peace sign, I have a really tiny peace sign charm on one wristlet! One pink flower charm on turquoise Ergo tote.