Cermony after all ready married

  1. Have an of you had and actual wedding ceremony after originally being married beforehand? I'm trying to plan a wedding ceremony after having been married for five years and just wanted to know does this sound right and just some general ideas on planning so I can make it memorable as when we first got married.:yes:

  2. I have a friend who's planning on re-newing her vows next year, and I think it's a great idea. It's really sweet that they want to show that they're still just as much in love as ever before. I think they enjoyed their first wedding but now that they're older they've got the money to really push the boat out and have a fairytale day. I hope you have a fabulous second wedding too!! :smile:
  3. I have two friends who were married because one had to leave for the air force so they did a quickie wedding. Then they did the big thing with the church and the reception after and a honeymoon, once he got back from Iraq. So I think they were only married for about half a year.

    I dont think its strange.
  4. I don't think so, either. You could call it a vow renewal ceremony.

    (Haha . . . I don't think it's proper to register for stuff the second time around, though!)
  5. If you keep it close to your anniversary, it could be an anniversary and vows renewal party!

    My friend and her bf got married last May by a justice of the peace in Hawaii, and since none of their families or friends could be there, she's having a big, formal wedding next May. She has registered for quite a few things at upscale stores, which I also don't think is appropriate, since she technically already had her wedding the first time. But to each her own!
  6. I am offended by people who get licensed-married one year and want to have a wedding another year.

    That is unless they got married because the spouse had to report to military duty abroad. In that case, all is understood.

    For example
    A gal I knew wanted to have a very formal wedding. But she and SO did not get married for 2 years later because that would have jeoparized her college scholarship.

    in my opinion
    they should have gotten married once she was free to be licensed-married.
  7. Did it occur to you that some people can't AFFORD big weddings right away or have other personal circumstances that may prohibit one?
  9. There's having two ceremonies to milk more gifts out of people, which I completely disagree with, and having two ceremonies for legitimate reasons, whatever they may be.

    A couple might have a civil ceremony, and then later on they want to 'do it right' in a church. I could see that.

    I could also see a couple eloping and then doing it again for their friends and family.

    There's also the reasons that Jill mentioned.

    As long as you're not trying to get more gifts out of people, I don't judge, and whatever makes you happy.

    (And by getting more gifts out of people, I mean registering twice, or acting like the ceremonies are purely for the presents.)
  10. WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Why are YOU offended by anything anyone else decides to do w/ THEIR PERSONAL lives that doesn't in any way hurt anyone else?:wacko:

    :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
    oh my side hurts!
  11. I know many people who have done this, and I think it is perfectly fine for many different circumstances :yes:
  12. You are being very judgemental. :wtf:The only reason I am getting married the second time around is due to the fact tha I couldn't afford a wedding when we first got married because I only made $350/month so there was no way a wedding was going to happen on that income especially when there was bills to be paid. I also didn't get any gifts the first time around, heck I didn't even register anywhere so I can't be doing it to reap the benefits of getting more gifts. I'm also doing it for the memories. My first memories was of us going to the local courthouse paying our $50 fee and repeating the vows after the judge. No pictures were taken and none of our family members were present except for my mom who wanted to witness. I am trying to get the wedding date to be almost around the same date as my orignal marriage date. Thanks to everyone for all there inputs. Now on to planning the real wedding I wanted.........:yahoo:
  13. But I have read it is appropriate to send a wedding gift for up to 1 year after the actual wedding date.
  14. remonb~I think its a great idea, my husband and I are thinking about renewing our vows and have a ceremony this summer for our 4th yr.

  15. Yup, and I did, and so did several other of her friends and family members, but she still registered for the 2nd one. :shrugs: