1. Hi, I am brand new here and I love all your bags. I have a quick question I was hoping you could help me with. I love all the Cerises I am seeing. How are you all buying them? Do they still have some in the LV boutiques??

    Thanks :smile:
  2. The line is LE which means they're no long made. Your best bet is eBay.
  3. cerises have been discontinued but you can check out let-trade.com or karenkooper.com (both authentic LV reselers) they have some in their stores. I think last time I checked (2 days ago) karenkooper had a brand new one for $2000 and there's a couple pre-loved in let-trade!

    btw, I'm talking about the speedy....let-trade might have a pochette (not sure)...
  4. oh..and you can also check eBay and if you're not sure of the authenticity we have really great tPF members who KNOW THEIR STUFF and you can get it authenticated in the authenticate section of the forum :smile:
  5. Thanks! I checked let-trade and they had a pouchette. I was wondering if they were reputable. I am nervous to buy one used in the fear it would be a fake.
  6. Let Trade is authentic...no need to worry.
  7. I have purchased 4 purses from let-trade and have never had a problem with them. There purses are authentic.
  8. :yes: :yes:
  9. let-trade is great! No worries buying from him!
  10. I thought I remembered hearing awhile ago that there were a couple of pochettes and Sac Plats floating around. Otherwise, just keep checking ebay and posting things you're interested in on the authentication thread and Lee, Addy, Juan, Nola and I will be glad to help you authenticate it (depending on who's on TPF at the time).
  11. Thanks, everyone. I appreciate all your help :smile: This is a FUN forum!!!