1. I was just looking at let-trade and noticed the Cerises stuff. I was just wondering, for an LE item, do you think the Cerises were well recieved? I'm only asking because when I see them on eBay, they're never really highly priced. :confused1:
  2. The resale price for them used to be a lot higher. I dunno what happened lately.
  3. I agree. For awhile their resale prices were pretty insane and then they just sort of dropped off. I got my Cerises Speedy as soon as they came out and have loved it to pieces ever since. I think Let-Trade has a very good deal on them if you love them.
  4. supply and demand, as with all LE stuff, they have their high moments and the price is out of control....
  5. Also, eBay sales aren't great this summer. If you're a buyer it's good but it's bad for sellers.
  6. I love the cerises stuff i wonder why it droped.

  7. Tell me about it---- this summer thing is outta control~! :wtf:
  8. i love the cerises line, its so cute. speedies are going for $800-1000 on ebay. Keepalls sellers asking $1200-1650.
  9. ebay sales aren't high this summer- so you'll find some great deals as a buyer. i've been eyeing their cerise pieces as well.
  10. Ugh I know, I have like 5 things listed with maybe a couple of watchers and one bid. It's pathetic.
  11. They were high when I first took a peak at cerises items on ebay during the winter, but I just got a cerises cles for $100 TOTAL!!! I was very shocked.
  12. Very true...wonder what's going on? Lots of vacations, I guess :shrugs:

    I love the cerise stuff, and it was super popular when it came out.
  13. Or maybe they're saving up to get F/W bags? :p

    but seriously... the prices on Cerises stuff on eBay is crazy at the moment. :wtf:
  14. ACK! Figures. I just got one about 2 weeks ago ... actually maybe it was just last week and probably paid way too much ... but I had to have it and at the time there weren't as many reasonably priced ones that were hardly used. Oh well! I love my purse so I guess she's worth it. :yes:
  15. There are definitely some great deals on ebay right now for buyers. I was so lucky when the Cerises first came out I got a like new one for 725.00 :yahoo::yahoo:
    on ebay from a reputable seller