Cerises VIP Key Ring

  1. Hi All,

    I have occasionally seen the Cerises Key Ring around, and was wondering if anyone could tell me more bout it e.g. how many were made, who were they given to, what material were they made of, how much i should pay if I spot one on eBay etc.

    Thankies, it would be good if you can post pics too, esp if they are modelling pics! :flowers:

    The key ring is such a cutie! :heart:
  2. I'm not sure...all I know is that they were the ticket to the runway show which featured the collection, so the production number is very low. I think they're just metal like the Glitter ball keyring but not as heavy.
  3. Thanks sweetie, you are such a dear as usual! :flowers:

    I saw that auction and was wondering if the price was too high. I have seen one Cerises Key Ring going for 199usd but that was cos the leaf actually dropped off. Not too sure if 300usd is the going rate for these cuties!

    Really liking this key ring, but the ring itself doesn't look like the type on the LV Key Holders now where the bottom can be pulled away so it can be used easily as a bag charm. :girlsigh:
  4. I saw that auction too and actually messaged the seller about it and she pulled the auction because she decided to hang onto it a little longer.
  5. Thanks for bringing this up madaddie - I hadn't seen this before. Really adorable! (Another thing I LOVE and DO NOT need, but isn't that everything in my closet?)
  6. I had the one with the leaf that dropped off and sold it on ebay quite sometime back. You might be looking at the same one that is selling on ebay.

    Actually, the missing leaf is not an issue since it isn't obvious but the cherries are not dangling and they are not small. They are rather heavy too since it isn't made of cheap material and yes, the ring is quite hard to use. I must say that the quality is quite impressive though and the presentation in a jewellery box is also another plus.

    This is a doorgift, not a retail item.