Cerises Speedy?

  1. Hi everyone. Anyone have any suggestions on where I can buy a new, authentic Cerises Speedy 25? I've been looking on Ebay and found a few and have posted them on Authenticate This to make sure that they are real. This is such a cute bag! Thanks for anyone who can help! :smile:
  2. Ebay is the only place to find it as it is sold out at the LV stores.
  3. Brand new IS hard to find but if you are willing to wait patiently and pay around $1500-1700+, sometimes, it does pop up in ebay every now and then. Good luck... ;)
  4. I just purchased one off of ebay, which was a very scary experience for me, but I knew that I had to do it if I really wanted one. It actually turned out well, and I’m happy with the speedy I received. I figured as long as I was able to find an authentic one, I could always replace the handles if the vachetta was too dark or used-looking when it arrived. Good luck!
  5. Thanks for everyone's help! I actually found a few new ones on Ebay. I really want to bid on one but I've been seeking help everywhere to try to determine if it's truly authentic. I posted it on Authenticate This (addictedtolv asked for one more picture and John 5 said it looks ok) and also paid mypoupette earlier but they never got back to me! And the listing ends on Sunday morning. I don't want to bid unless I know for sure that it's 110% authentic...:sad: What should I do...? This is the listing.

    eBay: BN 100% AUTHENTIC LOUIS VUITTON CERISES SPEEDY, MINT (item 260034105023 end time Oct-01-06 08:18:34 PDT)
  6. I would ask the seller get better pictures and PM Lee, let her take a look at it. She is very good at it. you won't regret:P. Hope there is enough time for it. Good luck!
  7. Thank you 4LV! I just PM Lee. Ok, I finally got a response from mypoupette and she says that she believes that it's authentic but she was not able to see the interior or details. And she said to pay by Paypal in case anything goes wrong. I also asked Carol from Caroldiva and she says that she believes that it's authentic. But Allison from PF says that it's fake! It's not sounding too good...:s If I don't bid on this one, I will need to make a best offer to this listing ASAP. She already has 2 pending offers...

    eBay: LOUIS VUITTON AUTHENTIC SPEEDY MONOGRAM CERISES MPRS (item 330033239675 end time Oct-05-06 21:52:38 PDT)
  8. I would make an offer on this auction (don't go too low though :idea:)! At least you know you'll be getting a brand new authentic bag!
  9. I would warn you Never to buy LV from ebay....they are either fake or they bait and switch...use an authentic pic and send you a fake. It's just unfortunate that people aren't honest.
    Good luck though:smile:
  10. I would have to disagree with you. Not ALL LV sellers on eBay are bad. There are plenty of people on this forum who have purchased from reputable LV re-sellers and as far as I know all are very happy with their transactions.
  11. Let trade did have a brand new one (w/ plastic on handles) a few weeks back, I don't think it was sold, maybe you can send them an e-mail about its availability :smile:

    Good luck!
  12. Ebay can definetly be safe! I have bought around 10 bags on ebay without authenticity problems. Always pay with a CC and you'll have protection.
    Is it just me...or is that date code she listed on the auction not a correct code?
  13. Thanks MissL, I just emailed Let-Trade to ask them.
    LV_addict, ok, I will think about what a "good offer" is and make a best offer to the second one.
    Twiggers, the first date code is SP0055 and the second one is SP0025. (the second one is the mypoupetter reseller, I emailed her for it)

    Do they sound right to you guys?

    Also, what about custom duties? Has anyone bought stuff off Ebay from other countries and know how that works? How much do I have to pay, when do I pay, etc? Thanks so much for everyone's help! :smile:

  14. I agree. Not ALL ebayers are bad.. you just have to do your homework and make sure that you get the bag checked out. There are plenty of reputable sellers.. it's just that alot of UNreputable sellers have given buying bags off ebay a bad name!