Cerises Speedy x 3 and a little framboise too = true love!!

  1. :nuts: Just wanted to share with all of my lovely LV lovers my completed collection of my favorite cerises pieces. I thought my framboise agenda looked cute with it too so I took pics of it and also my Juicy cherries charm! Hope you enjoy!;)
    DSC03903.JPG DSC03905.JPG DSC03904.JPG
  2. Ohhhh....an amazing family portrait!!!:P :P I still miss the Cerise wallet...:drool:
    Love your charms!!:nuts:

  4. OMG, I love them all..! :love: The framboise agenda looks SOoo good with the cerises..! :yes: And your speedy looks brand new!
  5. FABOLOUS Collection!! I love the cherries and the colors...so cute and fun! And the juicy charm is a great addition to your speedy!!:love:
  6. That charm looks so pretty on your bag!
  7. great cerises collection and that charm is super cute!
  8. Oh wow! U've got a great looking family going on there! Your agenda and charm looks perfect with the cerises family too! Thanks for sharing!
  9. OMG!!! Those pics are TOO CUTE!!!:nuts: :love:
  10. Nice collection pics! LOVE the cerises wallet. I still can't believe I bought it and returned it! Talk about regret!
  11. they look beautiful together :smile:
  12. Love it!!!
  13. Beautiful collection! loove it!:heart:
  14. Thanks everyone!! If you have any you'd like to post here to share that would be great!!
  15. awesome!!! you have the little cerises collection going on, and its absolutely stunning! congrats, and im always a sucked for the framboise vernis! haha