Cerises speedy vs. cles??


Cerises Speedy vs. Cerises Cles?

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  1. Long story short...re-purchased cerises speedy, comments were made, now having doubts...should I sell the speedy and get the cerises cles?
  2. :confused1: what kind of comments?
  3. I'd wear/carry what i enjoy carrying and not worry about what others think.
  4. I don't think you should let the comments of others get to you. We all love LV here, but the lines we prefer are different. Many people are "so over" the monogram line, too, but it continues to be a classic and highly desired.

    Please, if you love the bag you will regret it if you let the opinions of people online sway you to get rid of it. You have to be YOU, not what majority opinion on tPF says!
  5. ^ amen
  6. Keep the speedy! Love the cerises.:heart:
  7. Since you went to the trouble to re-buy it, you must love it...keep the speedy!
  8. ITA!
  9. keep the speedy!
  10. you REpurchased? keep it. or you will regret it. save up and get the cles when you see a great deal.

    get rid of the speedy and you will end up buying it again.

    A THIRD TIME!!!!!!
  11. you repurchased it? obviously that meant you loved the bag enough to decide to buy it twice :smile: wear it with pride!
  12. I would keep it as well. ;)
  13. KEEP the Speedy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I had your speedy. :love:
  14. Don't worry what other people say...you are the one that owns it and carries it and loves it. People are very cruel and bitter sometimes when they are unhappy with themselves, therefore have to make comments to ppl about anything.

    Pay it no mind. I'd definately keep it and if you could, try to get a cles too, the more the merrier! hehe.
  15. I would definitely keep it.