Cerises speedy: Should I keep it?

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  1. Ok, as some of you know, I really really LOVE my cerises speedy and has been wanting one like forever. And I've gotten it last year and still loving it till now. The thing is, I'm too afraid of the cerises rub-off thus so far, I have used it for less than 3 times only. :sad: It's been sitting in its dustbag and I occassionally take it out to admire.

    I'm the type who like my bags to remain looking brand new and I know it will bother me a lot if there is even a minor rub-off on those cherries. :sweatdrop: I tend to use my damier speedy much more often and I think it's more worth the purchase. In the future, I think I should purchase more worry-free bags like this. :p

    Ok, so should I keep the cerises speedy? I know if I let go of it now, I will never ever be able to get one since it's already discontinued. I paid a little over retail for it and if I sell it now, I think I'll lose quite some money too, since the price of cerises seems to be going down a little recently. :push: What should I do?
  2. Keep it! It's totally beautiful :smile: I dont think the paint come off so easily.
  3. Keep it. Who cares - wear and tear or whatever. Use it because it's such a gorgeous and fun bag. I love it to death. You won't get your money back so have some fun with it and USE IT!
  4. KEEP IT! It's a gorgeous bag and still so coveted and loved by many.
  5. I love my cerise speedy and use it often. i have had no trouble with mine at all. why have something you love if your not going to use it?
  6. Keep It!! Its so adorable. I have the Grafitti and I see a few tiny spots where the silver is coming off. I only break this out once in a while. So keep yours, and just use it here and there. Either that or sell it to meeeee...see its next on my list to acquire :drool:
  7. keep it! i just bought a new cerises keepall and can't wait to use it. i know that eventually the cerises will rub off but it wouldn't bother me.
  8. So far mine is still in great condition, but I've seen a couple of cerises stuffs on eBay which had cerises rub-offs and it freaks me out. Not sure how easily the paint comes off though, since I especially babied it when I use it. It's just that whenever I use it, I worry too much! I just prefer to use something more stress-free like the damier speedy. :push:
  9. Lol... Yea, I just wish I can be so carefree and simply enjoy the bag. It's a fun looking bag yea, but if I worry too much when I'm using it, it's not that fun. :p :sweatdrop:
  10. Lol...

    I think the rub-offs on the grafitti is not as bad as on the cerises, since it kinda matches the ruggard "grafitti" look. ;)
  11. Keep it! My Speedy only has a couple of rubs but I realize that they were caused by my knocking the bag against some stucco. Don't worry about it, just use it and love it!
    And honestly, the Cerises Speedy is the one piece that still retains a lot of value. The pochettes are iffy but KEEP the Speedy!
  12. i would say KEEP IT :graucho:
  13. Keep it! I am such a worrier when it comes to my bags, too, but when it's such a gorgeous bag who cares. You'll probably end up regretting it if you let it go.
  14. keep it, im jealous!
  15. Really? From what I see, the price seems to be going down a little recently I was wondering if it will go down even more in the future. :sweatdrop: Saw a brand new one with plastic wrapper on handles selling for only $1099.90 by authentic_lvlady. Few months back, that would've been sold for $1500 or more.