Cerises speedy Question..

  1. Question:
    Cerises speedy 25, do the cherries connect?

    I'm going to make a move, and buy one.
    But I've wanted to know if they were connected.
    I've seen some that are connected, and some that arent!

    As seen there, they aren't together..
  2. I don't know and can't answer your question but oh my god that bag is just gorgeous isn't it???? I want one!!!!!!
  3. I've been wanting one for EVER.
    Now I have my chance. :smile:

    My friend also is selling me her cute wallet to go with it.
  4. If you have a specific bag in mind please post it in the 'authenticate this' thread! The experts there will be able to help you!
  5. Oh! I'm sorry.
    That picture isnt of the one Im buying,
    it's just an example.
  6. Oh no...no problem! When you do get ready to buy one make sure to post a link to the auction in the authenticate thread :smile:
  7. The cherries on a speedy are not supposed to connect, they do on the keepalls I believe.
  8. taco's right, no connecting cherries on the speedy. the connecting cherries are on the keepall and sac plat. post pics if you can :smile:
  9. only the speedy i think. in the others, they connect, like the sac plat and the pochette and such...
  10. They don't connect, but I've seen fakes speedy's on eBay where the cherries do connect. Yuck!
  11. Thanks!!
    I'm buying it off my friend's Nana, and I'll post pics as soon as I get it!!
  12. nope, they don't connect on the cerises bucket either. post pics please
  13. I have a cerises speedy, and the cherries are not connected.
  14. If they had only made a cerises Speedy in at elast a 30 size, I would be searching for one right now.
  15. ITA, I had the 25 in my hannds at the store...waitlisted for it and everything....but I knew it was going to be too small and declined.