Cerises Speedy Question

  1. I did a search on replacing vachetta, and someone had posted that LV will NOT replace leather on Cerises. Is this true? Has anyone had vachetta replaced on Cerises? and if so how much for handles, and entire vachetta replacement? There was lots of info on mono speedy replacement, but very little on Cerises.

  2. Anyone? :wondering
  3. Umm i have no idea, ive never heard that, i cant see why they wouldn't though, seems a little silly to me.......hmmm?
  4. why wont they replace the handles on this bag ?
  5. I don't know either. Seems like it's basically the same as mono. But I read in a prior thread that someone had taken their Cerises speedy in to LV and they said that they don't replace leather on Cerises. Just wondering if anyone knows for sure? I'm going to make some calls tomorrow.
  6. I've heard that too...please let me know what you find out...I'd love to have mine replaced someday!
  7. I read posts by nocturne76 and rensky, LV will replace vachetta for Cherry Blossom. If they'll do it for cherry blossom ( LE ) why not with Cerises?
  8. Anyone else know? thx.
  9. I think they will do it. I thought people on here got it done before?
  10. My only guess as to why they won't is because when they take the bag apart the print may peel off the bag. Just guessing here.
  11. hmmm, how much does it cost to replace handles on a regular mono speedy? anyone know?
  12. Just called 866 and they contacted repairs and said that replacing the leather would be the same as mono replacement. Same prices, etc.

    So it appears that it can be done.:yes:
  13. hmm what an interesting question????
  14. That's wonderful! I thought it would be same as the classic monogram Speedy as well.
  15. sounds great! Are you going to do it?