Cerises speedy or Mono speedy 30..... Whats your fav??

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My ultimate speedy is the........

  1. Cerises speedy

  2. Mono speedy 30

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  1. Just thought I'd take a poll to see who likes which best of all. I cant seem to decide, I love them both!:love:
  2. Monogram speedy. Cerises is great and all too, but I don't know if I could hand that down to my future daughter and have it still be in style.
  3. I just love the Cerises Speedy! I think it's sooo pretty! :heart:
  4. I love my cerises speedy. It is fun and professional at the same time.
  5. i love my mono 30 speedy!!! its just the best!!!! *sigh* my first LOVE! hhehehe!
  6. I had the Cerise Speedy & sold it. I like the mono better, it goes with more, & it's a better size for me. I think the mono Speedy is a classier bag. The Cerise is cute, however, & definitely more limited. :nuts:
  7. i would go for cerises speedy first and get the mono later..

    u could always get mono speedy anytime and for cerises being limited, u might not find it in the future.

    HTH :flowers:
  8. I just sold my Cerises Speedy bcos the 25 is too small for me :Push: it's very cute though.
    Now, I have only Mono Speedy 30 and I do love it :love:
  9. cerises is cute, but the mono is such a classic........but that's just me...

  10. I actually have the mono speedy 30 already and used to have a cerises, was just too small for me. But Im just still really curious if everyone really loves the cerises because its limited and or the speedy 30 cause of its size and the fact its such a classic. Thanks for everyones opinions;)
  11. I think you should get the Cerises first, you can always get the mono later :yes:
  12. I Have Had 25's & 30's ~ Most Of My Life......They Are Forever Bags!!!

    The Cerises Is Gorgeous! My Feeling Is If I Wanted It ~ I Would Have Bought It Than...That's Me! It Is Absolutely Gorgeous...& I Love It For Any Age!
  13. I have both.:heart: I love both. I get more compliments on the cerises....but in my eyes they are 2 totally different bags.
  14. i have the Cerises Speedy and Monogram Speedy 25. i prefer the Cerises, because it's a discontinued item, and it's not as common or boring as the Monogram
  15. i have the cerises speedy and mono 25. the cerises my favorite bag that i own because it's a unique style and it stands out!