Cerises speedy or Manhattan PM???

  1. Found 2 bags that I love.....the Cerises speedy and the Manhattan PM.. I should :graucho: only buy one of them now...but which one???? thanks!
  2. Well the Cerises speedy isnt that easy to get now that its discontinued, so I'd say get that. So if you can locate a nice one, get it! You can always get a Manhattan PM later down the line.
  3. Cerises Speedy hands down!:yes::love:
  4. Hmm I'm torn here....if you love them both equally, get the cerises speedy first - you can always nab a Manhattan later on!!!
  5. if you wait a long time to get the cerises speedy, they will probably go up in price PLUS finding one in nice condition will be all the harder.
  6. Depends - if it's for work mostly, I'd get the manhattan just because it's a dressier and more professional bag. The cerises is so fun and cute though - why not get both ? :graucho:
  7. Cerises Speedy definitely cause it's limited and it's a must-have in my opinion! It's just gorgeous IRL!
  8. cerises speedy, yummmeeee :love:
  9. cerises
  10. Cerises speedy:yahoo:
  11. I agree. :yes:
  12. Yup...I agree..Cerises Speedy first. Get that one while you can since it was limited..you never know if you'll be able to find it as easily if you wait too long.
    The Manhattan will be around for awhile.
  13. Of course, BOTH is never a bad idea. However the Cerises should probably be first for its limited status.
  14. Cerises!