Cerises Speedy on Poupetteluxe.com

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  1. That's who I bought my Cerises Speedy from! Just a warning...very heavy mothball smell comes with the bag! :shocked:
  2. looks nice, 1020!
  3. Really?! :shocked: Eeek :yucky: Were you able to get it out?

    Another one that was real ended on eBay with out any bids, the BIN was good, too. Less than retail.
  4. I bought a bag from that seller too and it was way stinky! It must have been stored with a million mothballs!

  5. I got most of the smell out but still...

    If you are interested in bidding, ask the seller if it has a mothball smell or is stored with mothballs.
  6. I'm not interested, since I just ordered the mandarin epi speedy :heart: But just in case anyone here is looking for a cerises, the price isn't bad :smile:
  7. is this site like an ebay!?!?
  8. Sorta, but for those who are My Poupette Sellers.
  9. so you have to be a seller to buy?? or just anyone can buy and its from mypoupette sellers??? sorry im kinda dense this morning~
  10. u can find authentic cerise speedys on ebay for way less..i sold my barely used one on ebay for 900$. just have to keep looking. alot of the MP sellers price gouge IMO.
  11. cerises speedys on ebay are now hard to come by for less than $1000 unless the seller has bad photos or not so hot feedback. Fashionphile just sold hers for $1425.
  12. Yep, I saw that auction :shocked: Most of the authentic ones on eBay are now $1200+ I'm sure one at a good price will come along every now and then, but few and far between.
  13. No need to be a seller to buy. You just need to create an account. The sellers on there have all been approved to sell by mypoupette but they do not have to be MPRS. For example, I am approved to sell there but I am not a MPRS.
  14. not really, people who bid on her auctions are caught in the hype of a no reserve auction and end up bidding too high on a bag they could get for less. I sold my bag with plenty of pictures and detailed shots with a BIn of 999.99 and best offer. The interesting thing is i bought it from another MPRS/alva seller who sold it to me for 800$ and it was brand new..maybe worn 1-2 times. you just have to have patience. some people are just *ahem* ïnteresting..bidding foolishly on something they could get cheaper elsehwere, but to each its own!