Cerises Speedy on eBay, used, but not a bad price!

  1. I would love to bid on that one!
  2. that's the best price you will see on ebay. someone needs to nab that!
  3. I've been looking for cerises on ebay all week.
  4. Press that BIN button! :cool: I am so tempted, but there are two other LVs I really want :cry:
  5. gawd.

    let-trade is da bomb. i need that cerise speedy, but my mom wont buy it for me since we have WAYYY to many speedies already.
  6. The handles are kind of gacky on that first one.
    I've never been a huge Speedy fan, but there's just something about the one from the Cerises line that I love.
    I think it'll definately be my next handbag investment
  7. I've heard the wonders of the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, but haven't tried it myself. Do y'all think it would take any of the dark gunk off of the handles on the first cerises speedy?
  8. Someone bought the first one!
    Was it anyone here?! :cool:
  9. Yeah, I confess. It was me. I couldn't resist. My first LV! I've really wanted a cerises speedy for the longest time, and I think that under $1000 is a good price. We'll see what condition it's in... and how well I can revive it. :shame:
  10. Wasn't me. I'm still looking at the second one for $1,299.99. I wouldn't use Mr. Clean magic eraser. I used it on a very old med. LV backpack, and it took most of the color off the leather along with the dirt.
  11. Congrats Greendrv! I bought one too not to long ago and it has dirty handles as well. It also had tarnish on the hardware. Please let me know how you clean it! I'm kinda hesitant to do anything to it yet.