Cerises Speedy For Our Daughter

  1. My husband came home a couple of weeks ago with a new Cerises Speedy.

    His explanantion: To give to our baby daughter when when she is older. The bag is really cute and our daughter will love it some day. It's the best LV for a girl. Since the bag is discontinued, buy it now and save for later.

    I think he's crazy and told him that we can give my Cerises Speedy to her in the future. He says that mine might be all beat up by that time. I think we should sell the new one. He insists on keeping it.

    What do you all think???
  2. Ooh! Keep it! How sweet of a story will that be to tell your daughter later? And he came up with the idea all on his own, it's his gift to her.
  3. What a cool dad.:love: :amuse:
  4. Oh my! I don't even know what to say! How old is your daughter?
  5. ^ yeah how old is your daughter & where did you find a hubby who appreciates LV?! i want mine like that tooo!!!
  6. Our daughter is two months old!
  7. That's so sweet! My daughter just turned 3-years-old, and lately, I've been thinking about getting a Monogram Speedy 25 and putting it on the shelf for her. I'm thinking that it will never go out of style and by the time she's old enough to use it, the prices will be even more crazy.
  8. That's very sweet of ur DH. Just like everyone else, I want to know how ur DH became some LV-conscious! I'm stunned and very impressed! :amuse:
  9. That is really cute !
  10. hope she likes it by the time she's ready to actually use it! I think it's cute. Sounds like the dad who buys his baby boy a baseball bat and catchers mitt!
  11. Hang onto the new one. If she hates it when she's old enough you could really sell it for big $...or just keep hanging on to it!
  12. I drag my husband shopping with me and he has become familiar with all these brands.

    Now he is my fashion advisor. And, our daugher's too, I guess.
  13. Sounds like he knows a good investment when he sees it.
  14. Awww that is so sweet!!!:love:
  15. So sweet:nuts: !! Yeah, I would hang on to it to give to her...the worst case is that she doesn't like it and it has doubled in value to sell!!:smile: