cerises speedy anyone?

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  1. Oh that is a good deal! I just got a bag from them and it came AMAZINGLY fast all the way from Hong Kong! I'll post pictures later. If I was looking for this bag, I would get it in a second!
  2. Heehee yeah I would get it if I have the extra $1000! But I just think it's more a collector bag I rather get a everyday bag.
  3. I really wonder how come Let-Trade always have new LVs at lower than retail price? I shopped at Hongkong before and LVs there are much higher price than in US..
  4. Anyone from Hong Kong?
    Care to enlighten me or correct me if i am wrong?
  5. Really? I don't know, so LV in HK is actually more pricey?
  6. Most of there bags have been carried, that's why. You mean it when you say you hate ebay, is there an experience you would like to share with the forum that brought on this hostility towards ebay, that you would like to share with us?:suspiciou
  7. Oh there are lots of consignment shops in Hong Kong though, I guess there is just a lot of buying and selling, which is why let-trade always has a ton of stuff for good prices !!

    I wonder what his profit margin is ! :nuts:
  8. uh... i'm not sure about lv boutiques in hk, but they do have a store called Milan Stop that specializes in buying and reselling slightly used authentic designer goods. Most of the purses there look brand new and are much cheaper than retail.

    I'm not sure if this helps... =)
  9. I think maybe some the Brand New ones listed were not totally brand new but maybe used like 1-2 times, but seller list it as brand new.
  10. that's a great deal! i asked a seller to find me one in HK, he did find me that bag, pre-owned but in a very great condition still...only it's more expensive. i still believe it's worth it!
  11. No One Outbid Me :smile:
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