Cerises speedy and blue eyes???

  1. So...some of you already know that I got my cerises speedy! The funny thing is, it doesn't have a blue eyes! I also have a cerises pochette and round coin purse and they both have very obvious blue eyes...is it just me or are they not supposed to have blue eyes on the speedy? It just looks like white eyes rimmed in black with no blue dot in the center. Let me know before I freak out!
  2. Selena??? My baby is now Selenas...she could check it for you...or look on her showcase...she has a pic towards the end of her thread...
  3. I'd be happy to compare it to mine, do you have a picture of it?
  4. I think they suppose to have blue eyes..
    Can you please give detail pics so we all can see..
  5. I got mine from let-trade a couple of wks ago. mine does not have blue eyes. help. is it supposed to? here are pics. they aren't very good.
    c1 (2).jpg c2 (2).jpg c3 (2).jpg
  6. I got out a magnifying glass (please don't tell anyone) lol, and the lines forming the eyes are blue. confirmed it with my 15 yr old that has better eyes.
  7. Ok, I just checked out my Cerises Cles, the eyes look blue on the rim but the center is white, so it is 50% blue, 50% white. The blue is very obvious, you can't miss it.
  8. Yeah..it looks like there are just tiny little blue dots, if anything. They're more noticeable on the larger pieces or those with larger cherries. Here is a picture I took awhile ago for my LVII group..I have others but this one showed the blue *better* (if you can call it that lol) than the rest.
  9. everybodies eyes look perfect!
  10. The dot in the eyes suppose to be blue....I think all of your speedie eyes are perfect.
  11. My Cerises eyes have the blue too!!
  12. hmm, my cerise round coin purse and the pochette have very obvious blue eyes in the center but my speedy only has a rim of black (or is it blue) but perfectly white centers! It does look like KathyD's picture though. I think I will have to go check it really really carefully with magnifying glasses...or maybe just go to the LV store! Thanks so much everyone! I scoured old threads to look at people's pictures too!