Cerises Speedy 30 :/

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  1. Hello everyone, I just recieved a gift from my friend, a Cerises Speedy 30!!! And since I know my LV, I realize that the Cerises Speedy was only released in 25....

    BUT...... my friend says that it indeed IS authentic, and that it was one of the few special ordered ones. I've recieved gifts from them in the past, which were all authentics. And she only carries authentics and is against fakes, as am I.

    I absolutely, positively, LVOE this bag :yes:!!! It has everything it should... serial number, smell, EVERYTHING. It's also alsolutely BEAUTIFUL. I also trust my friend, so I really don't want to ask them if it indeed is the real deal. My questions are:

    1.Do you think I should carry it, because I love it and it looks authentic, and I'm 99.9% sure it is????

    2.Not that I care, but do you think people will be suspicious or ask me if it's authentic???

    :tup:? :tdown:? :confused1:?????

  2. I seriously doubt that it's authentic. LV wouldn't make a Special Order with something limited like Cerises....

    p.s. do you have pics? like of the heatstamp, datecode, and cherries?
  3. Nope, it's fake. And that's a line a lot of people who carry fakes use ("it was a special order"). The Cerises was never released in anything but a 25 (and special orders of this line were never taken), anything larger is absolutely fake.
  4. Sorry its fake, it was never made in a 30!
  5. Sorry they dont have serial numbers..... but fakes generally do.
  6. ;)
  7. i KNOW LV only made cerises speedy in size 25 -----

    can i be nosy and ask you what other authentic items you got from this wonderful friend of yours?!!!

    serial number????????????:confused1::nogood:
  8. Sorry it took so long, but here's pics!



    Cherries upclose

    Front of bag (& my Groom keychain :yes:)

    Back of bag

    Number under leaf
  9. Thanks people! And do the authentic Cerises peices seriously not have serial numbers?!? HAHA, I had no idea! I think I'll take this to Goodwill and let someone who doesn't mine fakes (or doesn't know about them:cool:) to buy it for like $5. I'll buy an authentic 25 to replace it. But as for my friend......

  10. i'm in no way an expert, but from the pics, this bag looks fake to me.

    For one, the cherries look way off. I have a cerises item and the cherries look nothing like this. Also, the font on the heat stamp is weird. And, the date code is off (this datecode means it was made in Dec 2001, which makes no sense cuz the Cerises line came out in 2004/2005).
  11. ^yea the first thing I thought was that the cherries looked really strange...almost like stickers.
  12. I don't think you have to be any kind of LV expert to tell that bag screams fake....sorry it is quite obvious.
  13. Fake and I'm 100% sure it is.. I would just throw it away personally.
  14. So sorry to hear your story, but unfortunately this bag is definitely fake. Another tip-off is that these bags are no longer made and this one has no patina, which is impossible unless the bag has been stored in an airtight container for the past few years.
  15. ^ Yes, I know it is not longer made, but thanks for tipping me! And after reading what everyone is saying, I can't even BELIEVE I actually thought this might be authentic and that it was a good-looking bag :throwup:. I really have been into LV for years, and know most that there is to know about most all of the collections, even the limited edition ones (ex. Graffiti, Conte de Fees), but I guess not much about the Cerises line. That comment from scarlett13 above made me laugh, and I think that maybe I should just throw it out :nuts:!
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