Cerises Speedy 25

  1. Hello PFers,

    Im on let-trade.com right now. and Im very very very tempted in purchasing that cerises speedy!!! BUt I wonder why hasnt it been sold yet since the BIN is at a very low price.

    I dont have trained eyes for the cerises speedy, but it is in bad condition? Im not worrying about the patina Im just worried about the shape of the bag and the condition of the cherries. Are they fading???

    any advice would help! THanks!!!
  2. thanks girl!
  3. The Cerises were rubbed off and a bit dirty inside......maybe wait for a better one:yes:
  4. No worries..like Lee said, wait and shop a bit...there's always one out there...good luck!
  5. hehehe. thanks for the advices!!!
    It was very very tempting because of the PRICE!!!
    I didnt even notice the rubbing off until it was pointed out! Thanks a bunch!
    I guess its worth it to pay that extra $300 for a better one!
  6. :yes: Good Luck!
  7. Yea, there are quite a number of cerises rub offs on that bag. There is always a reason why it is priced so low. ;) I would go for one in better condition though the price is higher. Coz the rub offs are not repairable.
  8. I too was tempted until I saw the rub off. I just bought one off ebay from a PF member for a few hundred dollars more and it is in way better shape. Let trade will probably get more anyways...better to wait and be happy!
  9. Honestly, I think the rub off only looks so bad because it's SO up close. I got my cerises speedy for below retail and I think there's rubbing on one or two of the cherries, I haven't really given it a second thought(and I'm usually nuts about stuff like that). Though this one does have more than that. I don't know, if I didn't have mine I'd be going for this one. But if you know the rubbing on the cherries will drive you nuts, like others have said, there'll always be another one.
  10. here is the pic of the cerises bag

  11. Oh those poor cerises :crybaby:
  12. Ya i have a rubbing on one of my cherries...but it's a cherry that's right at the seam and isn't a full cherry...so I actually hope the whole cherry just eventually rubs off LOL
  13. I guess it depends on your tolerances, that would bug me at all, for the price....but I am rough on my bags....so less guilt for me...lol
  14. I agree, but it's always nice to receive a brand you bag. In this case it's a great opportunity to get a limited piece even if it's damaged.