Cerises Speedy 25

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  1. Hi,

    Can anybody tell me wat it was retailed for when it came out? My mum really like this but we werent into designer bags last time. There is one on eBay in singapore, Brand sparkling new wanting to sell for usd1600.. I really wanna get it for her for christmas. Thanks..
  2. The Cerises Speedy retailed for $995 USD if I'm not mistaken.
  3. ^^Yes, around that....I have to look at my receipt to make sure....
  4. Yup, here's a receipt I found on eBay:

  5. Just checked.....it is $995 without tax.
  6. Thanks.. So its ard 600 more.. A bit steep.. But I think i have lots of time to consider..
  7. That is so sweet of you to buy it for your mom! I want one too. Hopefully someday I will find one that I can afford.
  8. that's very nice of you to get for your mum :tup:...haha not sure what should i buy for my mum i guess i have to give up my dream bag and buy one for her...:yes: but nt sure what to buy 4 her...
  9. get the let-trade one it's a deal in this condition
  10. i think i got mine in pretty good condition for 1100 on tpf.