Cerises speedy 25 or Cerises bucket

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  1. It's hard to decide which style is better and wearable? Could you please give me some opinions? Thank you! :smile:
  2. I would say the speedy. It just bugs me that you can't zip the bucket, and I also think the speedy is a more classic shape.
  3. speedy :smile:
  4. speedy!
  5. Speedy :yes: I've never been a fan of the bucket shape myself and I really like having a bag that I can close. Plus the shape of the speedy is so classic and looks great with almost everything.
  6. I vote Speedy! The bucket is cute too but I :heart: my speedy 25, plus in Cerises - too cute!
  7. speedy
  8. I would say speedy. I have had a bucket and didnt care for the style it was hard to carry on the shoulder.
  9. Speedy!!
  10. I love the Cerises Speedy!

    I'm still kicking myself for passing it up! :noggin:
  11. im voting for the bucket, only because i like shoulder bags.... and i miss my mono bucket
  12. cerises bucket bcas u will get the mini cerises pochette
  13. I vote for the speedy because after a couple of years the bucket gets that annoying dent on the two sides.
  14. I have owned both bags -- sold the cerises bucket, still have my cerises speedy -- so, of course, I would say the speedy!! Love it!
  15. Speedy