cerises speedy 25 on e-bay

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. I wish I had $1299 to drop right now on a bag because I would so snap this up :amuse:
  2. Must. Resist. Bidding.
  3. Oh, how I wish that I could have that.:love: *SIGH*
  4. Does anyone know what the original retail price of the cherry speedy was?
  5. I am just dying right now for a cerises speedy or bucket. There was a bucket from a MPRS for only $875 (minor scuffs and water marks) and I should have snagged it up! Oh well. Maybe I'll get one with my quarterly bonus beginning of April (dreams.....)
  6. $995ish
  7. I wish I could afford one too. Trying to hold out for a slightly used authentic one from eBay to come up. They are so much over retail though when new. I should have bought one when they first came out!

    The LET one sold so quickly. I saw the auction and when I came back 5 minutes later it was sold :sad:
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