Cerises Speedy 25 Help

  1. I've finally decided to sell my Cerises speedy 25- I haven't used it one time since I bought it- its just sat in the dustbag in my closet. I'm going to use the money for me and my bf to go on a cruise :biggrin:

    Here's my question- When I list it on eBay do you think I should do a buy it now? For how much?

    Or should I list it low and see how high it goes?

    I looked at ended auctions and there's only two authentic ones- one went for $1200 and one for $1400 and mine is in better condition than theirs.

    How would you set up the eBay auction pricewise? Thanks!

  2. awww you got such a good price on it, but with the scarcity of authentics on ebay you're going to make a killing. i'd put a reserve on it and a reasonable BIN. that way you are guaranteed to get the price you are looking for.

    good luck with your sale!
  3. speedysteph - i totally agree put a reserve on and a BIN! good luck! i'm sure someone will snap it up quickly!
  4. Authentic Cerises Speedies are hard to come by and it seems like the girls that want them REALLLLY want them.
    I'd open the auction at around $799 with a reserve close to what you paid.
  5. Def. reserve and BIN around 1500.00 (you never know;)). Good luck!
  6. if you put it on eBay let me know your user ID! i've been thinking of a Cerises Speedy for a while now.

    and yes, a reserve and a BIN close enough to what you paid!