Cerises sac plat vs. Damier speedy?? help!


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Feb 21, 2006
My local LV boutique has one cerise sac plat...$1140!

I cant decide whether or not I should get the sac or save my money and get the Damier speedy when it debuts...

What do you think?

My wonderful SA put it on hold for me until tomorrow...so Im asking my lovely forum for opinions....:P
They are both such different bags. I would get the one you think you would use the most. Although the Sac Plat is gorgeous, the Damier Speedy seems more functional. Then again, it all depends on your lifestyle.
i appreciate everyones advice...and I had also wondered about the functional aspect of the sac plat...the damier is definitely more functional.

I feel like I'd be wasting a lot of bag space with the sac plat because it's soooo thing and long..

For those of you that own the sac plat...in any line...what do you put in it?? maybe post some pics (if possible).
I have it and it's simply great!! CERISE SAC PLAT!!!!!:love: :love:
I have to say it's a little long to be a handbag...but i just love it anyway!!I can't help it...the Cerise line drives me crazy!!:shame: