Cerises Sac Plat Alignment?

  1. I've recently taken an interest to the cerises sac plat :nuts:

    I looked on the cerises club pictures, and couldn't figure out what the layout of the cherries pattern is. They are not all aligned the same as on the cerises speedies. For example, on the top edge of the sac plat, some bags have whole cherries in the first row while others have cherries that are cut in half. Is there supposed to be variation in the placement? Are the cherries supposed to be covering the monograms?
    Can someone please clear this up for me :shrugs:? If I do get this bag down the road I would prefer one without any cherries rows cut off, if that is possible.
  2. You're correct, the alingment of the Cerises are totally different. If my memories serve me correctly 6 rows of the Cerises are printed on different location of the canvas.i/e one row will cover the LV while the other row will only cover one side of the LV etc. It's therefore possible to have Cerises stems which are cut off more than the other on the top edge as it depends on which part of the canvas the Sac Plat was made.( They made the bag according to the alignment of the LVs and not the Cerises) Hope I don't sound to confusing. You're always welcome to post any auction links in the "authenticate this" thread for us to look at.:smile:
  3. Wow thanks Lee! You're always so knowledgeable.