Cerises R Pomme vernis agenda??


Cerises OR Pomme Agenda?? Which is nicer??

  1. Cerises Agenda

  2. Pomme Agenda

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  1. (Picture inside) I love RED!! :heart: Which is nicer in your opinion?? The pomme is kinda plain compare to the cerises (as the cerise agenda has more color) But the pomme color is soooo rich! With the cerises, I am just worry that the cerises will rub off. But does it look dumb if I am to put a transparent fitted plastic cover on top? What do you think? Which one to keep? Which has a nicer interior? The pomme vernis has smooth leather inside while the cerises agenda has pebbly leather. I have attached a picture of the cerises....

  2. Pomme is so gorgeous!!!
  3. cerises!
  4. pomme!! ceries may be hard to find and I'm always afraid of rub off too :sweatdrop:
  5. Yough decision! Both are lovely but I prefer the pomme!
  6. Pomme! It's such a beautiful color!
  7. i love the cerises!!
  8. Definitely Cerises!
  9. I love cerises -- the cherries are so cute. I think that it is a great idea to put a protective cover over the cherries so that they don't rub off -- not dumb at all.
  10. I like the look of the cerises better when it's new and the cherries are perfect but when the cherries start rubbing off, it really makes the agenda look old.
  11. That's such a tough decision! I have pomme and I love it, but cerises is super cute! Both!:nuts: sorry I'm no help.
  12. Cerises!!! So cute!!!!!
  13. I prefer the cerise, but if you're going to strees over the silkscreening to the point of putting plastic over it, you might as well just go for the pomme.
  14. cerises...
  15. cerises for sure sooooo cute, thats my background on my computer hahah