Cerises Pochette...

  1. I'm new on buying LV online, I never trust ebay before because I can't really tell fake or auth from photos, so I only buy from store... please help me....

    I'm looking to buy a Cerises Pochette


    I don't know what price is more reasonable?

    or it there any other website I can find a more bargain one? i have only search on ebay.com, haven't try uk.ebay.com or other country based. I'm not sure will they willing to ship to New Zealand.

    Also, let-trade offer me a brand new one US$485

    Please help me to decide....:welcome:
  2. WOW...they are all really high price IMO. Brand new they were around $400. So I wouldn't pay much more than that for brand new. For a used one....well with patience they will pop up on ebay sometimes for as low as $300.
  3. I wonder...is there any different search on ebay.com or ebay.co.uk?
  4. Hi there,
    The one above looks OK....but the date code is a 2004 code and I could be completely wrong because I thought they were all produced in 2005 (when the line was released). Try posting that link in the "authenticate this" thread so that one of the other experts can give a second opinion (Lee is the cerises expert).
    As for searching in ebay try putting "vuitton cerises" in the search box....you may get more items that way.
  5. yes..you're right
    my speedy is 0045....

    oh...i wanted to find a change purse and pochette were 0045 too
  6. there's two on let trade right now?
  7. There is a mint condition one on PoupetteLuxe.com (go to Louis Vuitton, page 8, item #847412684) for $365. It is a mypoupette seller, so you should feel safe buying from them.

    Good luck!
  8. actually we only asking $438.71 included shipped (by TT only) not $485.
  9. Syntagma got a brand new one a few weeks ago through 866-Vuitton for 375$. New Zealand has an 866 number right? You should try that then to see if they have anything left over.....
  10. Cool - but I think that Vlad doesn't want the PF to be used as a buying marketplace, neither in the forum or in the PM's, unless it's in the Marketplaza. You have to apply to get accepted to the Marketplaza.

    Try working out a deal via your personal e-mail accounts :flowers:

    Thanks! ;)
  11. thanks everyone, very much appreciate... help me alots ^_^
  12. 866 number? i'm not quite sure......
  13. oh....we don't have a customer service number....the closest will be australia one