Cerises pochette for 15 yr old?

  1. I have obsessed over the cerises line since i missed my chance to buy it! anyways, i finally broke down and bought a pochette on eBay that you guys helped me authenticate and....i dont LOVE it like i thought i would. in fact, i havent even used it! I was thinking of giving it to my 15 year old sister, it would be her first LV. i have given her dooneys in the past.

    my question is, do you think would be a good first LV for her or should i get her something more like a regular mono? I think the cherry would be cute for her but im a little nervous about something happening to it. Or do you think 15 is too young for LV period?

  2. I don't see why not. Has she made any comments about it? If she likes it, give it to her! We have some users here who are 15 and under and have great LV collections going. :yes:
  3. I think it's a great first!!! The Cerises line has a fresh young kick to it IMO. :tup:
  4. if you think she would be able to take care of it go for it ;)
  5. I think it would be cute. We gave our neices matching Cerises pochettes and agendas and they loved it.
  6. i agree with vuittonamour. if she's able to take good care of it, give it to her. if she's good with her db's, maybe she'll take better care of her LV...
  7. I Bet She Would Love It!!! .....IMO ~ Definitely Appropriate For A 15 Year Old! :smile:
  8. If she is responsible, this would be great, but I would let her know I'm taking it back if she can't handle it....
  9. thanks everyone, i agree! i think she will take really good care of it and if she doesnt i will take it back. i will have to feel her out again and see how much she really loves it. if it works out i will be so excited for her to get her first LV!
  10. Yes, as long as she can care for it and appreciates that it is a LE piece I think John is right the Cerise line has a fun youthful kick to it.
  11. I think it would be a really fun, youthful bag for her. If she can care for it then it is perfect!
  12. i am 14 and have to lvs
  13. ^^ thats great! i wish i could have started so young. i will def. be getting my sister started then!
  14. Oh, my I remember when I was 15, I would have loved and cherished a cerises pochette! If she is mature and will appreciate it for what it is, I say yes.
  15. I think the cerise pochette would be a great starter bag for a 15 yr old!