cerises patterns

  1. Hello, I was just wondering if anyone knows why the cerises line (for the speedy and the bucket) has different lineups for the cherries, in relation to the LVs? Like in these pictures... Also, I thought the cherries were red? How come when pictured, they look magenta or dark pink? Just wondering if anyone knows...:hysteric:
  2. The cherries are red, it might be the color setting on your monitor. The Speedy, has only ONE pattern design. For some reason the bucket has TWO pattern designs. I'm not sure why LV did that, but they did.
  3. the cherries are red, but when photographed they often turn out more pink
  4. Maybe it's because of the camera flash..?
  5. thanks guys! the cherries on the speedy i have are red, but when i see pictures of others, they look pinkish... that's just something i always wondered...